Now you recognize the name behind the names.



High-volume commodity producers rely on us for exceptional reliability and consistency to keep up with the demands of high-speed filling.


Tier-one marketers count on us to bring their brands to life through innovative packaging design and exceptional print quality.

Pet Food

We’re a pet food producer’s best friend when it comes to manufacturing sturdy, shippable packaging in all sizes and shapes.

Wedlock Paper Converters is a family business built on a tradition of craftsmanship, reliability and technological innovation.

If you don’t know us, you’ve seen our work on the store shelf and in your cupboards. We’re earned the confidence of tier-one brands by providing exceptional personal service and commitment to our customers.

For 80 years many of North America’s largest and most successful manufacturers have relied on us to provide superior packaging that keeps their lines running efficiently and exceeds industry standards for quality and environmental stewardship.​